Zoom's Stories

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The history of Zoom's stories goes back to November 2012 on a (retired) site called Monchocho.com, I started posting stories about a game called Club Penguin and many people took interest into my stories and after a while a few other people starting posting their own stories. On January 14th 2013 one member of Monchocho.com named N0-Nam3 GuY created a new site called Club Penguin Fan Fictions. This website had a few members who had good times and bad but we all posted stories not just about Club Penguin anymore but we also started other series (including myself). After a little while the group began to become less active and the site almost became abandoned. Now on September 30th 2015 I ,Zoom Zoom103, have finally created my own website where I can post my stories when I want and how I want and I am excited to present to you Zoom's Stories